Science is not just a set of facts for memorizing.  It is alive and always changing; full of controversy and interesting characters; and a way of thinking about our lives and the world around us.  The scientific method is not a list of listless maxims, but rather a way of interrogating what we know and how we can find out more.  By understanding science we learn about ourselves and our place in the universe.  On a more pragmatic level, we can make better policies, improve technology, and streamline healthcare.

I’m starting this blog because I am passionate about educating students and the general public.  My goal is to share interesting ideas, resources and lesson plans for anyone interested in teaching science.  Most of my training and experience is in teaching at the college level, but most of what you’ll find here could easily be adapted for everyone from elementary to high school, community college to Ivy League.

About Me

I am finishing up the last year of my PhD program in genetics at Duke University.  During my time at Duke, I’ve learned a great deal about human genetics and genomics, model systems of biology and disease (everything from bacteria to mice to pigs), vascular biology, medicine, cell biology, techniques in molecular biology, etc. (I could go on for a while).  I was a teaching assistant for a genetics and evolution course.  Thanks to Duke’s college teaching faculty, I’ve learned a great deal about course development, active learning and instructional technology.

As a chemistry undergraduate at the University of Florida, I worked in a metabolic biochemistry research lab, assisted in a general chemistry lab course, and tutored chemistry and calculus students.  Essentially, I have been learning and teaching science for quite a while.

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