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The Next-Generation Science Lab

Science fiction has given us many views of what the science labs of the future will look like.  The Star Trek medical bay (depending on the series) features needleless drug delivery, teleportation replacing baby delivery, and non-invasive rewriting of the … Continue reading

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MOOCs: A Pragmatic View

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have had a tremendous impact on education.  They have been mentioned in many major news outlets, causing controversy and an anti-MOOC backlash.  Prof. Mohamed Noor of Duke University has shared his personal experiences with running … Continue reading

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My First MOOC Experience, Part 2

  I previously posted about about my first two weeks in the MOOC course Computing for Data Analysis.  The course focuses on explaining the ins and outs of using the R programming language for data analysis and graphing.  Now the class … Continue reading

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This American Life: Confessions

This American Life is a radio show on NPR that explores interesting personal stories.  I listen to the podcasts of this show because it is sometimes topical, sometimes general interest, and often thought-provoking and entertaining.  An episode I heard lately … Continue reading

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