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Genetics and Evolution App

Photo from iTunes. In a biology or genetics course, students are tasked with learning quantitative ideas such as linkage, recombination, and genetic drift.  Up until this point, biology can be heavier on facts and ideas than more numerical subjects such as … Continue reading

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Transcription & Translation Practice with the RandomORF Generator

It can be a long and confusing road for students to learn the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology (DNA begets RNA begets protein).  Students have to grapple with specifics such as 5′ to 3′, DNA vs. RNA nucleotides, base pairing, … Continue reading

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The Next-Generation Science Lab

Science fiction has given us many views of what the science labs of the future will look like.  The Star Trek medical bay (depending on the series) features needleless drug delivery, teleportation replacing baby delivery, and non-invasive rewriting of the … Continue reading

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